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General | Wealth-Lab 6 Features



  • Industry-standard portfolio backtesting
  • Effortless multiple system & multiple portfolio backtesting via Combination Strategy interface
  • Sophisticated position sizing, scaling in/out and equity curve trading (via script/addon)
  • High speed
  • Backtest on as much data (symbols, bars, etc.) your RAM can handle
  • Support for typical and custom bar intervals (tick, second, minute, daily and up)
  • The Strategy Monitor allows seamless handling and managing trade alerts produced by large number of strategies running together regardless of the time frame in one convenient window.
  • Multiple time frame support
  • External symbol support (spread strategies, pair trading)
  • Symbol rotation strategies
  • Strategy ranking
  • Supports stocks, futures and mutual funds
  • Backtesting synthetic options
  • Real life constraints like liquidity filtering (percentage of volume), round lots, tick size, slippage, commission plans
  • Detailed trade listing and backtest reports for overall strategy performance, drawdown analysis, profit distribution, MFE/MAE, by period analysis, heat maps, and more
  • Index-Lab: an interactive wizard for creation of unique market indices and aggregate indicators
  • Create your own neural networks with Neuro-Lab extension
  • Perform Monte Carlo analysis on historical simulations
  • Ability to backtest the effect of transfers (deposits, withdrawals, taxes) on account through an extension

Strategy Builder

  • Interactive wizard for drag & drop strategy creation using hundreds of rules and indicators
  • Useful for both experienced users interested in rapid prototyping and new users without programming knowledge
  • Supports "fuzzy logic" via flexible Multi-Condition rules
  • Conditional rules, multiple open positions, various entry types


  • True portfolio optimization, 2D and 3D surface charts for robustness analysis
  • Walk Forward Optimization is built in
  • Built-in Exhaustive and Monte Carlo optimization
  • High speed Genetic Algorithm, Particle Swarm and Exhaustive To Local Maxima optimizers available as 3rd party extensions
  • Possible to develop and plug in your own optimization methods


  • Wide range of drawing tools (trendlines, parallel lines, speed resistance lines, regression channels, Fibonacci, drawing figures, and more)
  • Tradable trendlines automatically trigger trade alerts when crossed by prices
  • Drag-and-drop creation of “indicator of an indicator”
  • Parameter sliders for dynamically updating an indicator on the fly as the slider is dragged
  • Hundreds of technical indicators in Standard, TASC and Community indicator libraries
  • Create multi-symbol plots for trading spreads, composite indexes, relative performance charts, and artificial data
  • Linked charts automatically switch to display data for the next symbol entered, preserving configured settings
  • Chart scaling popup for instant switching of time frames (no need to download compressed data)
  • Supports tick, second, minute, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly charts
  • Supports N-tick, N-second, and N-minute data (where N can be any number)
  • Wide range of chart styles: Line, Bar, Candle, EquiCandle, EquiVolume, Kagi, Line Break, Renko, Point & Figure, and others like Heikin Ashi or Constant Volume Bars available as extensions
  • Multiple windows, workspaces panes, scales, intervals possible at the same time
  • Supports multiple monitors

Real-time features

  • Multiple data vendors supported via data provider extensions (IQFeed, and dozens more)
  • Possible to access "partial bar" value from current trading session in strategies
  • Sound and Email alerts

Programming features

  • Powerful and easy C# programming language in the built-in Editor, possible to use any .NET language in custom strategy libraries
  • Versatile universe of trading functions and methods
  • Connect 3rd party .NET libraries to extend the capabilities
  • Use the experience of the Wealth-Lab community: ready methods for chart pattern recognition and divergences, date/time operations, dynamic (evolving) watchlists, import real (historical) trades, grabbing data/time series and fundamental items from the internet, and much more
  • Create own libraries of reusable methods and functions
  • Automatic code generation for drag-and-drop indicators and strategies created using Rules


  • Supports historical (daily and intraday), realtime, fundamental, market sentiment, economic and historical news data from dozens of 3rd party data vendors using built-in and additional data providers
  • Fast local historical data storage to keep backfill data accessible at any time
  • Native support for ASCII and Metastock data, DDE feeds and SQL Databases through extensions
  • Possible to perform various data correction operations (truncation, reload, rename symbol, dead symbol removal, data validity check) through a convenient Data Tool extension.
  • Built-in support for Wealth-Data: the new source of reliable top quality EOD data for select stocks, curated with custom algorithms to exclude non-tradeable data and spikes. Wealth-Data is currently available for Nasdaq 100, S&P 100, S&P 500 and Dow 30 as well as German DAX and MDAX indices. Among its features are: carefully processed corporate events, automatic update of DataSets on index composition changes and more. Coming soon: support for delisted symbols data.


  • Seamless integration of your own broker- and historical/realtime data providers, optimization techniques, position sizing metods, compiled strategies, reusable method libraries, interactive graphical performance visualizers, commission plans, chart drawing tools, strategy wizard rules, and more
  • Combine instruments of different classes in Watchlists (3rd party addin)
  • Repository of Extensions


  • Automated Paper trading
  • Automated trading with a major broker is possible with a 3rd party solution

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