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Does Wealth-Lab 6 support futures?


Does Wealth-Lab 6 has specific Forex support i.e. bid/ask spread?

To the extent that FX markets trade like futures, it's possible to perform FOREX simulations in Wealth-Lab, however, no special support exists for FOREX. Wealth-Lab 6 can backtest currency pairs as if they were futures. Please see this discussion regarding how to model the bid ask spread, and this KB article on configuring the program for Forex/futures: Working with Forex data.

Does Wealth-Lab 6 have options support?

Previously Wealth-Lab had no specifc support for options. Starting from version 6.9, Wealth-Lab has the capability to simulate and backtest options trading strategies. Constructing synthetic option contracts is based on the underlying stock price and the Black-Scholes model.

Is it possible to install 32-bit and 64-bit versions of WLD6 side by side?

Yes. Both 32-bit and 64-bit editions can be installed on a 64-bit computer running a 64-bit OS like Windows 7, Vista or Server.

Is it possible to use Wealth-Lab or one of its Extensions as a component in custom or 3rd party application?

Calling Wealth-Lab and/or its components in 3rd party apps is not endorsed and has never been supported. Whatever interfaces you can't find covered in the QuickRef or the API section in the Wiki, are not supported and you're using them on your own.


Which ports need to be opened to activate Wealth-Lab Developer 6?

Wealth-Lab requires Internet access in order to activate and authenticate, get quote data and view the Indicator Documentation.

1. Open ports 80/443 for WealthLabDev.exe. The HTTPS protocol is used for activation and all subsequent authentications, and HTTP can be used to download historical/real-time quotes.

2. Permanently allow wealth-lab.com, wl6.wealth-lab.com and their IP equivalents where the application will connect every time it needs to authenticate itself. It will happen every 30 days. In addition, the usage of certain functions like Strategy Monitor or Accounts needs authentication, and therefore requires Internet access.

If you have a corporate proxy, you must permit Wealth-Lab Developer (or Pro) 6 to connect to these hosts.

Optionally, www2.wealth-lab.com can be added to your white list (to be accessible by WealthLabDev.exe) because the Indicator Documentation is now an external resource (powered by this Wiki).

Is Wealth-Lab Developer/Pro 6 able to use 4(6,8...) Gb of RAM when running on a 64-bit OS?

Yes. Wealth-Lab Developer/Pro 6 have 64-bit editions. In 64-bit operating systems they can work as a native 64-bit process, so if you have more than 4 Gb RAM, 64-bit WL6 can use the entire installed memory. (32-bit WL6 can theoretically use up to 2..3 Gb RAM on 32-bit Windows and up to 4 Gb on 64-bit Windows, but practically this figure is considerably less due to operating system requirements, memory consumption by other running processes, and memory fragmentation).

Note that certain providers which use COM (e.g. TeleCharts data provider) can only work in 32-bit environment. To work around this limitation, install 32-bit edition of Wealth-Lab side by side to work with TC2007 data.

Migration from previous versions

What is the difference between legacy WLD4 and WLD6 and why should I use WLD6?

See this article: Comparing Wealth-Lab Developer V4 vs V6 (.NET).

Is it possible to run WLD4 and WLD6 side by side?

Yes. WLD4 and WLD6 are completely independent products. Your existing WLD4 installation is not overwritten or affected by WLD6. (Note: it's possible to read the accumulated WLD4 data such as intraday historical datasources).

Will Wealth-Lab Developer 6.x recognize my chartscripts?

No, because Wealth-Lab .NET has a different, full-blown programming language - C#.

However, it's possible to translate existing V4 scripts with the help of the free WealthScript Translator (WSTL) tool: Download WealthScript Translator (alternative download link).


Is there a documentation for WealthLab.dll class procedures and methods?

The documentation for WealthLab.dll is the QuickRef (hit F11) and Wealth-Lab Version 6 (.NET) Development Guide. Whatever you didn't find covered there is not supported.

How to print the PDF manual?

We caution against printing the manuals because they change to incoporate new enhancements, changes, and corrections. Instead, when you have a question about what you're looking at, strike F1. The User Guide topic for the tool you're looking at will pop up. The WealthScript Programming Guide is an interactive guide with examples that you should copy, paste, run, and modify. Before starting on something you think no one has done before, you should check the Programming Guide and the Wealth-Lab Wiki Knowledge Base.

Is there a book to learn WealthScript?

WealthScript isn't a "language", it's an abstract class of methods that you can use in any .NET language. The language that you can use in the Wealth-Lab Editor is C#, but the world doesn't need another C# programming guide. The WealthScript Programming Guide gives you what most traders are interested in - solutions and examples. If you want to learn to program, please start by exploring some pointers from this FAQ: How do I start with C# ?, and then take a class in C#. Once you know that, you'll automatically know how to use WealthScript methods.

License, upgrade

If I register Wealth-Lab Developer can I use it on my laptop as well as my desktop?

Each copy of Wealth-Lab Developer 6 must be registered and authenticated separately. To install WLD on another computer you have to purchase an extra license (discount applies). Please refer to the Price & License policy page for details.

How do I upgrade Wealth-Lab Developer to a new build?

Upgrading (or downgrading) from one build to another does not cost anything, assuming that your maintenance fee has been paid. The process to upgrade WL Developer is to download from the our website and install. Neither upgrade nor reinstallation will affect your work (including Strategies and data), configuration files or program settings. Actual version 6.9 requires .NET framework v4.5 and up.


How to transfer Strategies and other data between computers?

Find the data folder (Help menu > Wealth-Lab User Guide: Data chapter > Where Data is Stored). It's a hidden folder, here's how to unhide it. Strategies are stored in the Strategies subfolder, trend lines and other chart annotations are inside DrawingObjects.Standard, different data providers keep accumulated data in different subfolders etc. Backup the user \Data folder, completely or selectively, and restore it to the other PC. Note that if your Strategies depend on Extensions to function you have to reinstall them too or copy their DLL files to the main WL6 folder under Program Files.

I have a problem. Tried to reinstall Wealth-Lab, but it didn't help!

Reinstalling Wealth-Lab is a harmless, but useless action. Uninstallation will not delete your work (e.g. Strategy files), configuration files or program settings, and could help if only Wealth-Lab program files were corrupted e.g. hit by a virus. You're welcome to ask on our forums or contact our support by creating a ticket.

How do I get started learning Wealth-Lab?

We've created a series of educational videos to help newbies learn the basics:

  1. Our YouTube channel: Wealth Lab Support & Education

Then you can start reading the User Guide and WealthScript Programming Guide (Help menu) and explore the publicly available strategies. Use the convenient "Strategy Download" feature (found in Wealth-Lab's Open Strategy dialog, Ctrl+O) Image

Also, we recommend to experiment with the Rule Wizard (Strategy from Rules). This is the easiest way to get a basic trading system working w/o any programming, in a drag & drop manner. Then, convert them into code-based Strategies to see how things fit together.

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