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Forexite provider (free intraday Forex data)


What it is

This is a static data provider that downloads historical intraday data (1-minute, Central European Time GMT+1) for up to 57 Forex currency pairs, cross rates, metals and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum) from Forexite. The full list can be found at the bottom.

How to use it

First time database creation

First, you need to create a Forexite DataSet. Data vendor stores each day of data in a single ZIP file. When building a Forexite DataSet from scratch, the provider connects to the server and grabs thousands of individual zipped data files. You will need to reserve a considerable amount of disk space to build the database the first time. As of 2018, at least 25Gb free space is required for the cache of temporary files. After successfully building the database, temporary files are removed.

Be patient: initial download and DataSet creation is a very time consuming process that can take up an hour depending on your broadband connection and CPU speed. Should you decide to abort the process for any reason, it can be safely restarted because the provider caches ~1,25 Gigabytes of original data files in Wealth-Lab's data folder to avoid redundant downloads:

  1. Should something go wrong (e.g. network/server error), DataSet creation can be restarted without missing dates in the middle
  2. If you create a partial DataSet and then decide to add more symbols, there will be no time consuming download

Daily updates

Daily updates take almost no network traffic and are much faster (under a minute). Note that the data vendor makes historical data updates available once a day, so updating the data on demand and Strategy Monitor are not supported. Whether you update just a single currency or all eighteen it won't affect the download size, but the less Forex pairs you have in the provider's DataSets, the faster the data will be updated.

Notes and limitations

  • Make sure your PC is fast, has lots of RAM, and you run 64-bit Wealth-Lab. Each instrument typically has several millions of 1-minute bars, so only a fast PC with 64-bit edition of Wealth-Lab and lots of RAM can handle that.
  • The size of a Forexite DataSet with just the four Forex "major pairs" may take over a 1GB on your disk.
  • On demand data updates are not supported due to a considerable download time.
  • Strategy Monitor is not supported.

Supported symbols

The data for the following instruments are available:

Forex majors

EURUSDEuro / U.S. Dollar
USDJPYU.S. Dollar / Japanese Yen
USDCHFU.S. Dollar / Swiss Franc
GBPUSDBritish Pound / U.S. Dollar

Forex crosses

AUDJPYAustralian Dollar / Japanese Yen
NZDUSDNew Zealand Dollar / US Dollar
EURGBPEuro / British Pound
EURJPYEuro / Japanese Yen
EURCHFEuro / Swiss Franc
GBPJPYBritish Pound / Japanese Yen
GBPCHFBritish Pound / Swiss Franc
CHFJPYSwiss Franc / Japanese Yen
EURCADEuro / Canadian Dollar
USDCADU.S. Dollar / Canadian Dollar
AUDUSDAustralian Dollar / U.S. Dollar
NZDJPYNew Zealand Dollar / Japanese Yen
AUDCADAustralian Dollar / Canadian Dollar
AUDCHFAustralian Dollar / Swiss Franc
AUDNZDAustralian Dollar / New Zealand Dollar
CADCHFCanadian Dollar / Swiss Franc
CADJPYCanadian Dollar / Japanese Yen
EURAUDEuro / Australian Dollar
EURHKDEuro / Hong Kong Dollar
EURJPYEuro / Japanese Yen
EURMXNEuro / Mexican Peso
EURNZDEuro / New Zealand Dollar
EURRUBEuro / Russian Ruble
EURSGDEuro / Singapore Dollar
EURTRYEuro / Turkish Lira
EURZAREuro / South African Rand
GBPAUDBritish Pound / Australian Dollar
GBPCADBritish Pound / Canadian Dollar
GBPCHFBritish Pound / Swiss Franc
GBPNZDBritish Pound / New Zealand Dollar
NZDCADNew Zealand Dollar / Canadian Dollar
NZDCHFNew Zealand Dollar / Swiss Franc
USDCNHU.S. Dollar / Chinese Yuan
USDCZKU.S. Dollar / Czech Koruna
USDDKKU.S. Dollar / Danish Krone
USDHKDU.S. Dollar / Hong Kong Dollar
USDHUFU.S. Dollar / Hungarian Forint
USDMXNU.S. Dollar / Mexican Peso
USDNOKU.S. Dollar / Norwegian Krone
USDPLNU.S. Dollar / Polish Zloty
USDRUBU.S. Dollar / Russian Ruble
USDSEKU.S. Dollar / Swedish Krona
USDSGDU.S. Dollar / Singapore Dollar
USDTRYU.S. Dollar / Turkish Lira
USDZARU.S. Dollar / South African Rand
USDCNHU.S. Dollar / Chinese Yuan

Cryptocurrencies, metals

XAUUSDGold / U.S. Dollar
XAGUSDSilver / U.S. Dollar
XAGEURSilver / Euro
XAUEURGold / Euro


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