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Errors | Extensions, Other errors


Errors installing/updating Extensions


  • When trying to install an Extension, a specific error message (see below) is returned by the Extension Manager:

URI Error
Error when identifying Extension download URIs. Strong Name: NeuroLab..., Error The request failed with HTTP status 417: Expectation Failed.

URI Error
Error when identifying Extension download URIs. Strong Name: ..., Error The request failed with an empty response.

URI Error
The server didn't return a download URI for this Extension.

Solution #1:

Your computer is configured to work with a proxy server. In this case, what you see is a proxy connection error. Check your proxy or switch to a direct connection.

Make sure that:

  1. WealthLab.Extensions.Agent.exe isn't restricted.
  2. Ports 80/443 are open for WealthLabDev.exe.
  3. wl6.wealth-lab.com (IP is accessible to apps like WealthLabDev.exe.

Solution #2:

Upgrade WL6.9 to the final build in its history: https://wl6.wealth-lab.com/. If WLD 6.9 was installed before March 10, 2021 your WLD revision is out-of-date and is incompatible with website changes. Please do a fresh reinstallation (does not affect your Strategies, data and preferences):

  1. Uninstall WLD
  2. Delete these folders with whatever files they may contain:
    • "c:\Program Files\MS123\Wealth-Lab Developer 6"
    • "c:\Program Files (x86)\MS123\Wealth-Lab Developer 6"
  3. Download and install the updated WLD installer(s) from our website (v6.9.22 and up)
    • Install required extensions


  • You are unable to properly install or update extensions and the following error message is displayed:
    Failed to connect to an IPC Port: access denied


The IPC port error is a .NET remoting error caused by lack of elevated rights. Extensions should only be installed and updated with administrator privileges. When updating an extension, try the following:

  1. Don't click "Restart WL" immediately.
  2. Instead, close it normally.
  3. Now start WL with admin privileges explicitly by right-clicking its shortcut and selecting 'Run as admin'.

This way you still can see an error message after confirming the UAC prompt but the extensions will be updated properly.

If using firewalls, make sure that it does not restrict Wealth-Lab. Change restrictive firewall permissions like "Outgoing only" to "Full", ensure that the Wealth-Lab application can access port 9090, or shut your antivirus/firewall down temporarily. Restart your PC and retry.

If installing extensions from an account belonging to a different domain, this most likely will not work. Log in as administrator in your domain.


  • In Wealth-Lab Pro, Extension Manager marks some extensions are "Not Installed" or doesn't list them. They work normally but cannot be updated.


  1. On Windows, open "Control Panel", then go Programs and "Turn Windows features on or off". Enable ".NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)" and apply it.
  2. If above doesn't help and anything from the list below applies, delete affected DLLs:
    • a custom built DLL
    • some MS123 or 3rd party extension compiled from source code (e.g. from the WL Wiki)
    • a duplicate extension DLL copied inadvertently (e.g. in Windows Explorer)
    • a 3rd party extension DLL obtained not from wealth-lab.com

Missing networks in Neuro-Lab


  • The Define Network view is empty. There are no default networks. The three default NNs (Broad Markets, Patterns and RSI periods) are missing.


This procedure will restore the default networks if you, for example, have deleted the files and want them back:

  1. Shut down WL6
  2. Open up Explorer to navigate to the NeuroLab folder

    C:\Users\your Windows User Name\AppData\Roaming\WealthLabDev\\Data\NeuroLab

  3. Remove the "NeuroLab" subfolder completely
  4. Start WL6

Visualizer could not be loaded


When running a backtest, a visualizer could not be loaded and throws an error message like:

Error in Visualizer: TabPage: {Performance +}, removing. 
The Type "WealthLab.Visualizers-M123.PerformanceEngine" in the Assembly "WealthLab.Visualizers.M123Helper, 
version = 2015.2.0.0, Culture = neutral, PublicKeyToken = null" could not be loaded.


Your data is corrupt (i.e. is unexpected, misaligned etc.) Reload the data or correct its errors otherwise.

Other issues

Wealth-Lab or one of its windows is not displayed


  • You are unable to start the WealthScript QuickRef from the Help menu, F11 or the link in the Strategy Editor window. (Also applies to the Indicators and Fundamentals lists.) Re-installing WealthLab did not help.
  • When you start Wealth-Lab, it won't come up on your screen.


This sort of problem is caused by using multiple monitors - placing Wealth-Lab or one of its windows on a secondary display and disconnecting it later on. In the first case, the QuickRef window was placed on the secondary display and has become invisible when it was disconnected. In the second case, main Wealth-Lab window was displayed on a second monitor.

Wealth-Lab saves the positions of its main form and its tools, including QuickRef, in a configuration file on your hard disk which is not affected by uninstalling the application. That's why deinstallation will not help.

Solution 1:

Launch Task Manager (Shift-Ctrl-Esc) and kill WealthLabDev.exe process.

Make sure that hidden file/folder visibility is enabled (Windows Control Panel > Folder Options). Close Wealth-Lab, navigate to the user Data folder where WealthLabConfig.txt is located (see below) and manually delete the lines which determine your main form (QuickRef, Indicators list etc.) location:



Windows 7 and above:
C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Roaming\Fidelity Investments\WealthLabDev\\Data\

Solution 2:

To restore the window to the laptop screen without having an external monitor:

  1. Click on the WL symbol in the task bar
  2. Press and hold the Windows key
  3. Press arrow left or right several times until the WL window appears on your main screen
  4. If you want to maximise the window press Windows key + arrow up

"Strategy Parameters" (sliders) partially invisible


  • Last parameter slider(s) appear to be cut off and don't fit on the screen.


That's because of using either a non-standard (higher) DPI setting in Windows or due to the use of a bigger font size in Windows (usually, because your screen size is too small for the display resolution, so characters are hard to read). The solution is to go back to using normal font sizes in Windows or change the DPI setting. For additional workarounds please refer to Open Issues: (146) Application needs to support 120 DPI throughout.

Unable to cast... Optimizer exception


This error message is thrown:

System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'WealthLabPro.MainModule' threw an exception.
System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type 'Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp.CodeGen.Optimizer' to type 'WealthLab.Optimizer'.
at WealthLabPro.MainModule..ctor()
at WealthLabPro.MainForm.cv(Object A_0, EventArgs A_1)


Try to change regional settings to U.S.

(Thanks to batumoglu for pointing this out).

Wealth-Lab Help files do not work


Wealth-Lab's help files (WealthScript Programming Guide and User Guide) don't work. You're getting the error: "The page cannot be displayed". Wealth-Lab is installed on a network drive.


A Windows patch prevents opening *.CHM files (the format of Wealth-Lab's help files) if it is installed on a network drive. Here is a workaround:
You cannot open remote content... @ microsoft.com

(Thanks to phuber for pointing this out).

Can't install WealthScript Translator


You're trying to install WealthScript Translator on Windows 7/Vista and getting an error message stating something like that:

File C:\users\admin\AppData\Local\Temp\{D5FD8B:Translator.msi not found


Workaround #1:

Before running install, try to tick the XP SP2 compatibility checkbox in file properties dialog. Be sure to install as admin.

Workaround #2:

  1. When the error appears, do NOT click OK.
  2. Instead, navigate to the temp location hinted at by the error message (something like: C:\users\your user name\AppData\Local\Temp\).
  3. Locate the temporary folder created by the installer -- something like .\{67280A1A-5BE8-495A-875F-3883EAED3605}.
  4. Execute the WealthScript Translator installer in that folder.
  5. When completed, click OK on the error in #1 above, which will remove the temp folder.

Wealth-Lab resets itself


Wealth-Lab resets itself to default settings on startup. Your settings, downloaded data, DataSets, and/or Strategies are gone.

Possible reasons:

  1. You're using several Windows accounts. For example, you start WL as admin and then as regular user. For every user of the computer the settings/data/etc. are unique and NOT shared.
  2. Misconfiguration of the virtual machine (if WL is run inside a VM)
  3. Running the program in a "sandbox" environment
  4. In some corporate environments, computers may be configured in a way that prevents saving changes to the user's AppData folder
  5. Abnormal program or virtual machine termination
  6. VM restored to snapshot (if WL is run inside a VM)

Bad Image error


The application starts and works partially but shows an error message on startup that reads like "WealthLab*.exe - Bad Image".


This is most likely caused by a Windows upgrade. Reboot PC to ensure it's applied correctly.

Charting problems

Error message on a chart and/or copying chart to clipboard


You get an error in a Strategy window or chart or when copying chart to clipboard, saying "Index was out of range" or "Object reference not set to an instance of an object". The error only happens on some symbols.


If it only happens with some symbols and not others, it's likely that a a drawing object for that symbol and bar scale is corrupt (in the DRW file). Click the Eraser button atop the Drawing Objects toolbar ("Clear Drawing Objects"). If this doesn't work then try reloading data (right click on the chart and select "Reload Chart History").

Chart cursor is displayed as white on a white chart background for drawing objects


When using manual drawing objects, the chart cursor is displayed in white on a white chart background, so I can't see the cursor location to begin drawing.


Drop the display hardware acceleration down a notch:

Start > [Settings] > Control Panel > Display Settings > Advanced > Troubleshoot > Hardware acceleration

System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format


Charts/strategies using static data fail with the following exception while streaming charts work fine:

System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format" ...

Additionally, the HeatMap visualizer may fail to load with this error message, although you are sure that your PC has .NET 3.5 SP1 installed:

"There is some problem occurred while loading Headmap. /nPlease ensure that you are having .NET runtime version 3.5+"


Windows regional settings were the culprit. All this trouble is caused by changing the symbol used to display positive numbers. It should be and is typically empty, but if it contains a symbol or even an invisible char like space, you can get all sorts of errors in financial and spreadsheet software. Do the following:

  1. Open the Regional and Language Options applet from the Control Panel.
  2. Note the Current Format.
  3. Change the Current Format to English (Australian)
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Change the Current Format to the noted format, eg, English (American).
  6. Click Apply and then click OK.


Crash on sending email alerts to Gmail. Test mail doesn't go through.

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