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An "error" in data that doesn't come away.

You have an error in Daily data (e.g. a spike) that can't be fixed by reloading chart history and even deleting the .WL file directly.

Most likely you are confusing an intraday DataSet (e.g. 1-minute ) with Daily. If you're viewing an intraday DataSet and then you re-scale to Daily, you're viewing the intraday data rescaled to Daily. It's not the same as using a "native" Daily DataSet.

For instance, if there's "Data Scale" checked in Preferences - Advanced Options, all newly opened strategy windows display compressed Daily data. However in reality, it's still the same compressed 1-min data.

Some DataSets are gone. Some previously installed providers can't be found.

Suddenly, DataSets from some providers are gone after restarting Wealth-Lab, but some stay and work. Certain data providers do not appear in the New DataSet Wizard.

You uninstalled one (or more) data providers that uses the Market Manager. The MM is a shared component, and if you uninstall a data provider that depends on the MM, other data providers will stop working because its library was removed - except those that do not use it (e.g. Index-Lab).

Re-install the removed data provider. If it's not acceptable, install any other data provider that uses the Market Manager instead (ASCII, BBFree, Database, DDE, Dukascopy, Finam, Forexite, Google, IQFeed, MetaTrader, MSN, or QuoteMedia; 3rd party: AlfaDirect, QUIK), and restart Wealth-Lab to apply the changes.

Reason #2:
A potential reason could be that no Streaming data provider is selected. Make sure you're using the latest version of WL, then choose a Streaming data provider in Wealth-Lab's Preferences dialog > Streaming Data.


Unable to load intraday ASCII data. Time format is Hmm.

Not possible to create a DataSet with the data timestamped as Hmm:


Due to an issue with Microsoft .NET framework not properly parsing time in the Hmm format, it's not going to work. Find a way to convert your data, for example, to the trouble-free HHmm format.

Update the ASCII Provider Extension to version 1.3 or higher. The tricky Hmm and Hmmss time formats are now supported.

Exception in ASCII provider


An error message pops up whenever you try to run a strategy, open a chart window using ASCII data or open up the Data Manager:

The type initializer for 'j' threw an exception.

at j.b()
at WealthLab.DataProviders.AsciiFilesStatic.AsciiFilesStaticProvider.RequestData(DataSource ds, String symbol, DateTime startDate, DateTime endDate, Int32 maxBars, Boolean includePartialBar)


Close Wealth-Lab, go to the user Data folder (see below; make sure hidden file visibility is enabled), delete the file AsciiConfig.xml and start Wealth-Lab:

C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Roaming\WealthLabPro or WealthLabDev\\Data\

Incorrect number of fields or incorrect fields separator

You are not able to parse your data because the parser throws an exception: "Incorrect number of fields or incorrect fields separator". You are sure that the selected data format is correct.

Of course, this usually happens when selected format options were incorrect, but there's one special case you should know. It happens when your ASCII (CSV) file contains empty fields ( i.e. ",,,," or empty line(s) ). The data provider treats them as null and will not continue parsing. As indicated in the User Guide, data fields can only contain numerical data, and they can't be null.

In this case, the ASCII provider stops processing, and this is by design. The adapter's behavior can not be changed to create a non-existent value like "0" instead of what is there in the data (i.e. null), because we feel that it's best to be warned about a possible omission in your data or a parser error, rather than fall a victim to wishful thinking.

  • Ask your data vendor to fix their incorrectly formated files, so that the actual number appears where it should be instead of null.
  • Fix the data replacing the faulty sequence in Notepad, with a Regex expression, a script etc.


Unable to recreate Index-Lab index after deletion because some deleted file still remains.


  • Occasionally, it's not possible to recreate a deleted I-L index because some of the deleted files is still there and I-L wouldn't allow to recreate


  1. Enable hidden file/folder visibility
  2. Open this folder: c:\Users\Windows username\AppData\Roaming\Fidelity Investments\WealthLabDev\\Data\
  3. Find the remnant XML file in the CustomIndices subfolder and delete it before recreating your index.


Unable to load DLL IQ32.dll message, IQFeed provider doesn't work


  • You get error messages like Unable to load DLL 'IQ32.dll': The specified module could not be found. and Connection to IQFeed can't be established.


  • Reinstall IQFeed Client.


Metastock provider no longer works


  • An error message informing that "Evaluation Period has Expired" - If you wish to continue using Metalib, you must purchase the registered version!
  • In some cases, a valid Metastock folder containing EMASTER/MASTER files couldn't be recognized: "The selected directory does not contain MetaStock data".


Most likely, a program like system registry cleaner have broken the 3rd party component's registration (Metalib). To fix, choose "Repair your Wealth-Lab 6 installation" in Control Panel - Programs.


XML error during startup


A message is shown when Wealth-Lab starts:

Error loading Provider:
There is an error in XML document (0,0).

Most likely, you had a system crash before the error.


Enable hidden file/folder visibility in Control Panel, Folder Options, navigate to this hidden folder and check if the QuandlSettings.xml file is empty (0 bytes). In this case, delete it, restart WL6 and try updating again.

c:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Roaming\Fidelity Investments\WealthLabDev\\Data\QuandlStaticProvider\


XML error while updating Yahoo! data


A message is shown in the Data Manager when updating Yahoo! provider data:

Update Provider Yahoo! Finance...
Error: There is an error in XML document (0, 0).


Enable hidden file/folder visibility in Control Panel, Folder Options, navigate to this hidden folder and check if the YahooClientSettings.xml and/or SymbolsStartDate.xml files are empty (0 bytes). In this case, delete them, restart WL6 and try updating again.

c:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Roaming\Fidelity Investments\WealthLabDev\\Data\YahooStaticProvider\

Error while updating Yahoo! data: (un-representable DateTime)


A message is shown in the Data Manager when updating Yahoo! provider data:

Updating Provider Yahoo! Finance ...
Preparing requests ...
Error: The added or subtracted value results in an un-representable DateTime.
Parameter name: value
Provider update complete for Yahoo! Finance


Close WL6. Enable hidden file/folder visibility in Control Panel, Folder Options, navigate to this hidden folder and delete the YahooStaticProvider folder there with all its subfolders. Restart WL6 and retry update:

c:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Roaming\Fidelity Investments\WealthLabDev\\Data\

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