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TASC 2019-01 | The V-Trade Part 5 (Vervoort)

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Traders' Tip text

Don’t be confused by the SveVolatilityBands name: the new bands by author Sylvain Vervoort are different from the synonymous indicator from his August 2013 article in Traders’ Tips.

We decided that a good illustration of its application may be through the concept of volatility contraction and expansion. Price breakout following a volatility contraction implies an expansion in volatility of the price range which acts as catalyst to longer term trends. The opposite phase, i.e. when the bands volatility reaches its long-term high, signifies considerable price changes and a potential end of the trend. The width percentage of the Smoothed Volatility Bands is measured over desired lookback (here: 200 days).

System rules:

  • Buy at stop at the highest 20-day high when the percent width of the SveVolatilityBands contracts to its lowest 200-day value, and there’s a bullish trend (close price above 200-day SMA)
  • Sell at market when the percent width of the SveVolatilityBands widens to its highest 200-day value, and today’s low drops below the 20-day lowest low

The system may be risky enough to apply in its current barebone state so motivated traders might want to use a stop loss and/or a trend filter to liquidate position if the trend has changed from bullish.


Figure 1. demonstrates the characteristic volatility expansion trade in AAPL (Apple Inc).

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
using System.Drawing;
using WealthLab;
using WealthLab.Indicators;
using TASCIndicators;

namespace WealthLab.Strategies { public class SVESmoothedVolatilityBands : WealthScript { private StrategyParameter paramBandAvg; private StrategyParameter paramMiddleLine; private StrategyParameter paramDevFact; private StrategyParameter paramLowBAdj; private StrategyParameter paramSqueezeLookback;

public SVESmoothedVolatilityBands() { paramBandAvg = CreateParameter("Band average", 20, 2, 100, 1); paramMiddleLine = CreateParameter("Middle line period", 20, 2, 100, 1); paramDevFact = CreateParameter("Deviation factor", 2.4, 0.2, 5.0, 0.2); paramLowBAdj = CreateParameter("Low Band Adj.", 0.9, 0.1, 3.0, 0.1); paramSqueezeLookback = CreateParameter("Squeeze lookback", 200, 5, 150, 1 ); } protected override void Execute() { int average = paramBandAvg.ValueInt; int middleperiod = paramMiddleLine.ValueInt; double devfact = paramDevFact.Value; double lowbandadjust = paramLowBAdj.Value; int squeezelen = paramSqueezeLookback.ValueInt;

// Smoothed Volatility Bands var TypicalPrice = AveragePriceC.Series( Bars ); var MedianAverage = WMA.Series(TypicalPrice, middleperiod); var HighChannel = SVESmoothedVolatilityBandUpper.Series( Bars, average, middleperiod, devfact, lowbandadjust ); var LowChannel = SVESmoothedVolatilityBandLower.Series( Bars, average, middleperiod, devfact, lowbandadjust );

SolidBrush shadowBrush = new SolidBrush(Color.FromArgb(50, Color.Violet)); PlotSeriesFillBand(PricePane, HighChannel, LowChannel, Color.Blue, shadowBrush, LineStyle.Solid, 2); PlotSeries(PricePane, MedianAverage, Color.Blue, LineStyle.Solid, 1); HideVolume();

// Squeeze and expansion in SveVolatilityBands var PctWidth = ( ( HighChannel - LowChannel ) / MedianAverage ) * 100; PctWidth.Description = "% Width"; var PctWidthMax = Highest.Series( PctWidth, squeezelen ); var PctWidthMin = Lowest.Series( PctWidth, squeezelen ); ChartPane PctWPane = CreatePane( 20, true, true ); PlotSeries( PctWPane, PctWidth, Color.Blue, WealthLab.LineStyle.Solid, 2 ); PlotSeries( PctWPane, Lowest.Series( PctWidth, squeezelen ), Color.DarkGreen, LineStyle.Dashed, 2 ); PlotSeries( PctWPane, Highest.Series( PctWidth, squeezelen ), Color.DarkRed, LineStyle.Dashed, 2 );

for(int bar = GetTradingLoopStartBar(average); bar < Bars.Count; bar++) { if (IsLastPositionActive) { if( PctWidth[bar] >= PctWidthMax[bar] ) { SetBackgroundColor( bar, Color.FromArgb(30, Color.Red) ); if( Low[bar] <= Lowest.Series(Low, average)[bar] ) SellAtMarket(bar+1, LastPosition, "Vola expansion"); } } else { if( PctWidth[bar] <= PctWidthMin[bar] ) { SetBackgroundColor( bar, Color.FromArgb(30, Color.Green) ); if( Close[bar] >= SMA.Series(Close, squeezelen)[bar] ) BuyAtStop( bar+1, Highest.Series(High, average)[bar], "Vola contraction" ); } } } } } }

Eugene (Gene Geren)
Wealth-Lab team

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