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QuoteMedia daily data provider

You might want to update the WIKI depending on how you code the new provider2020/02/28 19:30 by Kurt Meister
"Provider does not have the means to adjust for splits and dividends. To maintain your data in good shape, either perform splits manually or reload the DataSet from scratch using the Data Tool's "Remove all data" feature and then updating the DataSet."

When I last downloaded fresh data on January 9, 2020 from QuoteMedia, the provider returned data very similar to Tiingo and Yahoo, ie. it is raw data that needs to be adjusted for splits. Therefore, unlike Morningstar data which needs to be completely re-downloaded after every split, I don't believe this was necessary for QuoteMedia data. Even if you download completely new data, you still had to manually adjust it for all splits. However, the problem is that the pre-split volume is inconsistent. For some stocks, you have to only adjust the prices and not adjust the volume (like Yahoo data) and for others, you have to adjust the volume for the splits also (like Tiingo).

p.s. I'm anxiously awaiting the new provider.
Re: You might want to update the WIKI depending on how you code the new provider2020/02/29 06:16 by Eugene
Thank you for being a loyal customer. The new provider (much more than just an update) has been released. From now on the data is returned adjusted so one would have to reload it after a split. Keeping unadjusted history like Yahoo does and applying adjustments on-the-fly is complicated and error-prone and is very hard to support. As I alone have to support many DOZENS of data feeds and various parsers that break every other month, extra complexity is not something to be desired. So I choose a different direction with the new QuoteMedia provider. However, it's now possible to switch between the adjusted and unadjusted OHLC on-the-fly.

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