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Wealth-Lab Data Providers


Static, streaming providers by MS123 LLC

ProviderTypeMarkets, exchange, countryData priceDownload
Wealth-DataHistorical, fundamentalSelect stocks, indices, sentimentFreeDownload
YahooHistorical, real-timeBroken in WL6, works in WL8 Most stocks, indices, futures, funds, ForexFreeDownload
ASCIIHistoricalASCII/CSV data-Download
IQFeedHistorical, real-timeGlobal (Mostly U.S. stocks, indices, futures, funds, Forex)SubscriptionDownload
TeleChartHistoricalTeleChart (TC2007) dataSubscriptionDownload
Bloomberg provider for BBLoaderHistoricalGlobalSubscriptionDownload
DDE feeds (open source)Real-time--Download
CBOEHistoricalPut/Call Ratio, volatility indices (U.S.)FreeDownload
Random dataHistorical, real-timeGenerates random data for blind testing-Download
MetaTraderHistoricalForex, CFD, indices from any MT4 sourcesFreeDownload
Excel sheetsHistoricalRead historical data in Excel spreadsheetsN/ADownload
FinamHistorical, real-timeAll Russian and some U.S. stocks, bonds, indices, ETFs, Forex...FreeDownload
Market Sentiment data
Superseded by Wealth-Data
HistoricalAdvancers/decliners, new highs/lows for NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEXFreeDownload
QuoteMediaHistoricalU.S. and overseas stocks, indexes, funds, futures, optionsFreeDownload
Database providerHistorical, real-timeRead historical and real-time data from databases (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, OleDB/ODBC and many more)N/ADownload
COT dataHistoricalSuperseded by Quandl provider (see below) Weekly legacy historical data for commitment of tradersFreeDownload
End-of-Day scaling-Rescale data to create n-Day / Day-of-Week / Day-of-Month bars-Download
ForexiteHistoricalHistorical intraday 1-minute data for 57 Forex currency pairs, cross rates, metals and cryptocurrenciesFreeDownload
DukascopyHistoricalBroken beyond repair Historical daily and intraday (10-, 60-minute) data for selected stocks, indexes and ForexFreeDownload
MorningstarHistorical, real-time, fundamentalBroken beyond repair Historical U.S. and international stocks, indexesFreeDownload
StooqHistoricalDaily data for world stocks, futures, and indicesFree Download
NasdaqHistorical, real-time, fundamental Historical EOD data for U.S. and Nordic stocks and dividend/short interest data for U.S. stocksFreeDownload
QuandlHistorical, fundamentalStocks, futures, rates, indices, bonds, currencies, sentiment... most anything at QuandlFree, SubcriptionDownload
TiingoHistorical, real-time, fundamentalU.S. and Chinese stocks, mutual funds and ETFs, fundamental dataFree, SubcriptionDownload
Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)HistoricalHistorical daily and hourly data for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and cross ratesFreeDownload
AlphaVantageHistoricalHistorical intraday and daily data for U.S. stocks and ForexFree, SubcriptionDownload
MFDHistorical, real-timeAll Russian exchanges and some world indices, futures and currency pairs (Forex)FreeDownload
MOEXHistorical, real-timeRussian stocks, futures, options, bonds, currencies and indices traded at the Moscow exchangeFreeDownload

Fundamental providers by MS123 LLC

ProviderDetailsMarkets, exchange, countryData priceDownload
YChartsFundamental, economicFundamental data for U.S. stocks and U.S. economic dataFree, subscriptionDownload
Yahoo! analyst ratings (open source)FundamentalHistorical analyst recommendations dataFreeDownload
InsiderCowFundamentalHistorical U.S. insider transactionsFreeDownload
Morningstar dividendsFundamentalHistorical dividend data for U.S. stocksFreeDownload
Morningstar fundamentalFundamental Broken beyond repair Historical fundamentals (79) for U.S. and global stocks. Annual updates only.FreeDownload
FRED (Federal Reserve)EconomicHistorical economic data for U.S. from St.Louis Federal ReserveFreeDownload
MultplEconomicHistorical economic data for U.S.: S&P 500 stats, Treasury Rates, U.S. economic stats FreeDownload
ZacksFundamentalEarnings estimates, earnings surprises, analyst eecommendations, dividends, Fundamentals A (70 items) and Fundamentals BSubscriptionDownload
OpenInsiderFundamentalHistorical insider transactions data for U.S. stocksFreeDownload
Backtesting deposits and withdrawals-Auxiliary provider to backtest the effect of deposits and withdrawals from accountFreeDownload
InflationEconomicHistorical inflation statistics for U.S. and global countriesFreeDownload
MarketBeat analyst ratingsFundamentalHistorical analyst ratings data for U.S. stocksFreeDownload
SeekingAlpha NewsNewsHistorical news items (latest 30 to hundreds) for international and U.S. stocksFreeDownload
Zacks adjusted earningsFundamentalHistorical adjusted earnings data for U.S. stocksFreeDownload

Static, streaming and fundamental providers by third party authors

ProviderTypeMarkets, exchange, countryData priceDownload
Watchlist provider (Aronow Software)-Combine different DataSets (or a subset) into oneFreeDownload
COTCollector (Aronow Software)HistoricalCommitment of traders dataPaidDownload
QUIK (Real-Time Trading Ltd)Historical, real-timeHistorical and real-time data by any Russian broker that supports QUIK terminal (they all do)FreeDownload
Norgate DataHistorical, fundamental, economicSurvivorship bias free historical EOD data for U.S. and Australian stocks and also Futures and Forex dataSubscriptionDownload

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