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Welcome to the Wealth-Lab Wiki!
The Wealth-Lab Wiki hosts a Knowledge Base for Wealth-Lab Version 6 (.NET) as well as expanded documentation for Wealth-Lab Standard Indicators and TASC Indicators.

Open Source Code!
This Wiki also serves as our Community portal for open-source Indicators, Components, and their documentation.

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Wealth-Lab News

June 24, 2023

Multi-Currency Backtests in Wealth-Lab 8!

With Multi-Currency support you can run Meta-Strategies on international markets with different currencies. Auto-Trade Stocks, Futures, Forex, Cryptos, and yes, even Options! Let the Strategy Genetic Evolver create Apex Strategies while you sleep!

Check out the features!

April 10, 2022

Wealth-Lab 8 has taken over!

WealthLab just upped its performance by migrating the .NET 6 framework, and now switch between new and beautiful Light and Dark Themes. Symbol pruning, MOC, LOC, OCO, Stop-Limit orders are just part of Auto-Trade support with multiple stock and crypto brokers.

Check out the features!

March 8, 2021

Wealth-Lab 7 has arrived!

The best platform for creating, backtesting, optimizing and live trading mechanical trading systems

Check out the features!

For more information about Wealth-Lab products, Community forums, and more, go to wealthlab.com now!