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Community Components is a library of studies, classes, functions, and in general, "methods". Anything that doesn't fit as an Indicator, Visualizer, or Commission structure can be added here. Like Indicators, the most simple methods should be reserved for programming "on the fly" so as not to over populate the library with short snippets of generally non-useful code.

Extension Methods

Most utility functions and methods in the library are available as C# Extension Methods. This is the default and preferred way of working with the library. For Strategy code created before v2013.05, backward compatibility is preserved with wrapper methods: no changes to legacy code is required. Any new additions will no longer be exposed via wrappers and will only be available as extension methods. Consequently, old syntax may trigger a compiler warning about an obsolete method (e.g. Warning CS0612: "Community Components Utility' is obsolete). Don't worry: it's expected and doesn't affect your legacy code.

As a bonus, you no longer need to add "using Community.Components" and/or instantiate its classes any more when calling the library with the new extension method syntax!

Download Project Source (2020.10)

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