BollingerPctB - Bollinger %b

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public BollingerPctB(DataSeries ds, int period, StdDevCalculation sdCalc, string description) public static BollingerPctB Series(DataSeries ds, int period, StdDevCalculation sdCalc)

Parameter Description

Bars The symbol's Bars object
period The period for Bollinger %b
StdDevCalculation The StdDevCalculation Enum: Population or Sample


Bollinger %b from the May 2010 issue of Stocks & Commodities magazine.


BollingerPctB = 100 * (SourceSeries + 2 * SD - SMA) / (4 * SD),

where SD and SMA are the StdDev and SMA of SourceSeries.


See BollingerPctBSmoothed