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NNIndicator for Neuro-Lab



public NNIndicator(Bars ds, string networkName, string description)
public static NNIndicator Series(Bars ds, string networkName)

Parameter Description

ds The source Bars object
networkName The name of a trained neural network.


The NNIndicator is used in conjunction with the Neuro-Lab Extension product. Upon installing Neuro-Lab, the NNIndicator will appear in list of Technical Indicators in the Neuro-Lab Indicator folder. The NNIndicator takes two parameters - a Bars object and the string name of a neural network. For the NNIndicator to be useful, you must first train one of the sample networks installed with Neuro-Lab or create and train a network of your own design.

The NNIndicator's value, the ouput of the network, will always be in the range of 0 to 100. Use Neuro-Lab's Network Evaluator to determine a typical range for a particular symbol/scale or for an entire DataSet. Generally speaking, when the value of the NL indicator is high, the network is indicating that the probability is greater that the condition for which the network was trained will occur. Wealth-Lab's optimizer can also assist in finding NNIndicator values that are appropriate for a Strategy.


Please see the Wealth-Lab.NET User Guide: Neuro-Lab chapter > Sample Networks

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