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Morningstar Fundamental Provider


What it is

This is a Wealth-Lab provider that downloads free fundamental data by Morningstar.

Since most every data vendor has its own symbology, Morningstar is no different. This is not a big issue for U.S. symbols which are universal, but for overseas symbols it presents a problem. For example, the ticker for a European stock symbol will most likely differ from its counterpart at MSN, Yahoo or QuoteMedia. For example, the same BNP stock traded on XETRA is known as "BNP.F" at Yahoo but exists as "XETR:BNP" at Morningstar. Consequently, attempting to download the historical fundamental data for BNP.F from the vendor that knows the stock as XETR:BMP will fail because it's not recognized.

For this reason, we created a companion static provider for Morningstar's free EOD stock data. It allows to download the stock symbols using Morningstar symbology to easily apply and visualize the extensive set of fundamental items provided by Morningstar fundamental provider. It is installed together with the fundamental provider, so you can't have one without the other.

What's included

It's possible to download 79 historical fundamental items for U.S. and international stocks and more. Here's the full list of items available under "Morningstar Fundamental Data" in Wealth-Lab's Fundamentals window after installing the Extension and restarting WLP/D:

Morningstar: subset of items available

Morningstar: subset of items available

* Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Accrued Liabilities, Asset Turnover, Asset Turnover (Average)
* Book Value Per Share
* Cap Ex as a % of Sales, Cap Spending, Cash & Short-Term Investments, Cash Conversion Cycle, COGS, Current Ratio
* Days Inventory, Days Sales Outstanding, Debt/Equity, Dividends
* Earnings Per Share, EBT Margin, EPS %
* Financial Leverage, Financial Leverage (Average), Fixed Assets Turnover, Free Cash Flow, Free Cash Flow Growth % YOY, Free Cash Flow/Net Income, Free Cash Flow/Sales %, Free Cash Flow Per Share
* Gross Margin, Gross Margin %
* Intangibles, Interest Coverage, Inventory, Inventory Turnover
* Long-Term Debt
* Net Income, Net Income %, Net Int Inc & Other, Net Margin %, Net PP&E
* Operating Cash Flow, Operating Cash Flow Growth % YOY, Operating Income, Operating Income %, Operating Margin, Operating Margin %, Other Current Assets, Other Long-Term Assets, Other Long-Term Liabilities, Other Short-Term Liabilities
* Payables Period, Payout Ratio %
* Quick Ratio
* R&D, Receivables Turnover, Return on Assets %, Return on Equity %, Return on Invested Capital %, Revenue, Revenue %
* SG&A, Shares Mil, Short-Term Debt
* Tax Rate %, Taxes Payable, Total Assets, Total Current Assets, Total Current Liabilities, Total Liabilities, Total Liabilities & Equity, Total Stockholders' Equity Working Capital

How to use

Fundamental data downloads are available when you click "Update all data..." (and have at least one data provider selected from the list of installed provider) or when "Update DataSet" is selected.

Note: Fundamental items aren't collected when "Update DataSet (Pricing)" is selected.

Morningstar fundamental: sample items


  • Morningstar does not timestamp the data items at the time of their release. Instead, it marks the data that would have been available (for example) in the end of September, as September, 1st. To avoid creating a serious problem with "peeking into the future", the Morningstar fundamental provider artificially shifts the dates to the beginning of the next month. Consequently, a date originally marked as September 1st will be timestamped as October 1st.
  • Like with any other fundamental data provider, the data are refreshed on each update so it's free from adjusting problems.

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