Spread Equity Equally

Modified on 2016/08/16 19:17 by Eugene — Categorized as: PosSizers

This PosSizer can be used take as much trades as possible, avoiding skipped trades due to insufficient funds.

It spreads available equity (or cash)* equally based on the variable number of Alerts (candidates) generated by the system, arriving at equal exposure.

The size can not exceed the minimum and maximum boundaries which are percentages, which helps protect from either betting the farm (e.g., when there are only 2 Alerts, so the size of each position would have been a whopping 50%), or not taking a trade too small (e.g. when so many candidates were produced that the size is not enough to trade one share).


Using the "Cash" option is not recommended as it works in an unexpected manner and will be depreciated in a future release. As the available cash is reduced by Wealth-Lab on each new trade, each subsequent trade candidate gets a progressively smaller value.