TASC 2014-11 | Price Projections / Part 5 (Vervoort)

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Exploring charting techniques this month has left us without new code. The daily pivots which are drawn by the SVEPivotsUtcRt indicator are so common that they probably exist in every trading platform. Wealth-Lab is no exception: after having downloaded all publicly available strategies (click “Download” in the “Open Strategy” dialog), look for the Strategy called “Floor Trader Pivots”. Likewise, the other techniques mentioned in the article – namely the “Step Candle Pattern” and “1-2-3 Wave Count” are also ready to be explored as downloadable strategies.


Figure 1. A Wealth-Lab 6 chart illustrating the application of the “Floor Trader Pivots” trading system on a 5-minute chart chart of TWTR (Twitter).

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