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public MHLMA(Bars bars, int highPeriod, int movPeriod, WhichMA option, string description)
public static MHLMA Series(Bars bars, int highPeriod, int movPeriod, WhichMA option)

public enum WhichMA { SMA, EMA }

Parameter Description

barsBars used to build MHL MA
highPeriodPeriod to determine the highest high and low e.g. 15 bars
movPeriodMHL MA smoothing period e.g. 50 bars
optionChoice of moving average to smooth the MHL MA: either EMA or SMA


Created by Vitali Apirine, the MHL MA (middle high-low moving average) from August 2016 issue issue of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine is a moving average applied to the middle of the high-low range that helps determine the direction of a trend.



Please refer to TASC August 2016 issue, "The Middle-High-Low Moving Average (Apirine)".