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Community.Rules are a set of additional "drop-in" Strategy Builder Rules requested by Wealth-Lab customers. The attachment also includes Candestick.Rules.xml, which may augment the Candlestick.Rules included with Wealth-Lab's installation.

Download Community.Rules

You can find its zipped source code by clicking on "Attachments" on top of the page.

To download attachments, you need to log in to the Wiki with a SEPARATE Wiki account authorized by Wealth-Lab staff for this purpose! Logging in on the site is NOT enough.

Wealth-Lab customers who can't see "Attachments" - please visit Support section at

Installation Note

Rules cannot currently be delivered via Extensions. To install the Rule set:
  1. Shutdown Wealth-Lab
  2. Download the attachment
  3. Right click the zip file, select Properties, and click the "Unblock" button (if it exists) near the bottom of the General tab.
  4. Unzip Community.Rules.xml and/or Candlestick.Rules.xml to the ..\Data\Rules subdirectory in Wealth-Lab's main installation folder. For most customers, the folder is as follows on a 32/64-bit O.S. installation:

List of Rules

Basic exits

General Indicators

External Symbol

Price (or Volume) Action
Trailing Stops
General Fundamentals
OBV (On-Balance Volume)

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