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WLMA (Wealth-Lab Moving Average)


WLMA (Wealth-Lab Moving Average): Indicator Documentation


DataSeries WLMA(Bars bars, DataSeries ds, int howManySwings)

Parameter Description

barsA Bars object
dsDataSeries to apply WLMA to
howManySwingsHow many recent swing points to take when computing the indicator


WLMA (Wealth-Lab Moving Average) is an adaptive, market-driven simple moving average created by Gene Geren. Its lookback period is dynamically changing with market conditions, driven by the Adaptive Lookback Period indicator.

The WLMA is calculated just like SMA, but the key difference is that there's no fixed lookback period. WLMA's lookback period is variable-length and is determined by the Adaptive Lookback value obtained using the specified howManySwings parameter.

Since WLMA heavily depends on Adaptive Lookback, it's advised to review the indicator's online documentation to understand its construction and interpretation guidelines.


See how more responsive is WLMA (10 last swings) when compared to a short-term 10-bar SMA:



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