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Errors | Extensions


Errors installing/updating Extensions


  • When trying to install an Extension, a specific error message (see below) is returned by the Extension Manager:

URI Error
Error when identifying Extension download URIs. Strong Name: NeuroLab..., Error The request failed with HTTP status 417: Expectation Failed.

URI Error
Error when identifying Extension download URIs. Strong Name: ..., Error The request failed with an empty response.

URI Error
The server didn't return a download URI for this Extension.


Your computer is configured to work with a proxy server. In this case, what you see is a proxy connection error. Check your proxy or switch to a direct connection.

Make sure that:

  1. WealthLab.Extensions.Agent.exe isn't restricted.
  2. Ports 80/443 are open for WealthLabPro.exe (WealthLabDev.exe).
  3. www.wealth-lab.com (ssl.wealthlab.azurewebsites.net, IP is accessible to apps like WealthLabPro.exe (WealthLabDev.exe).


  • You are unable to properly install or update extensions and the following error message is displayed:
    Failed to connect to an IPC Port: access denied


The IPC port error is a .NET remoting error caused by lack of elevated rights. Extensions should only be installed and updated with administrator privileges. When updating an extension, try the following:

  1. Don't click "Restart WL" immediately.
  2. Instead, close it normally.
  3. Now start WL with admin privileges explicitly by right-clicking its shortcut and selecting 'Run as admin'.

This way you still can see an error message after confirming the UAC prompt but the extensions will be updated properly.

If using firewalls, make sure that it does not restrict Wealth-Lab. Change restrictive firewall permissions like "Outgoing only" to "Full", ensure that the Wealth-Lab application can access port 9090, or shut your antivirus/firewall down temporarily.

If installing extensions from an account belonging to a different domain, this most likely will not work. Log in as administrator in your domain.

Missing networks in Neuro-Lab


  • The Define Network view is empty. There are no default networks. The three default NNs (Broad Markets, Patterns and RSI periods) are missing.


This procedure will restore the default networks if you, for example, have deleted the files and want them back:

  1. Shut down WL6
  2. Open up Explorer to navigate to the NeuroLab folder

    C:\Users\your Windows User Name\AppData\Roaming\WealthLabPro\\Data\NeuroLab

  3. Remove the "NeuroLab" subfolder completely
  4. Start WL6

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