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Taipan EOD static data provider

Taipan EOD static data provider developed by Michael Schlegel is an extension to access a Taipan database which must be installed on the computer. Particularly the TPACC20.dll has to be registered (which should be automatically provided together with a regular Taipan installation). Although the extension was tested with Taipan 7.1 it should work with all other versions as well.

The extension links entire datasets from Taipan to Wealth-Lab Developer 5. Thus symbols can neither be edited nor selected within the Data Manager. This could only be handled by the internal means of Taipan. The regular update of the original Taipan database has to be provided by Taipan itself. The WLD data must be synchronized with the Taipan database by using the Data Manager.

The user can access the Taipan database without starting Taipan.


  • Important: Unfortunately, the file Interop.TPACC20.dll is missing in the uploaded Extension. To make the provider work, download this archive by clicking on "Attachments" on top of the page: Interop.TPACC20.zip, unzip it to Program Files\MS123\Wealth-Lab Developer 6, right click the DLL file, uncheck "Downloaded from the internet" (or in Windows 10, _check_ "Unblock") and Apply/OK, and restart WLD.

    You can find its zipped source code by clicking on "Attachments" on top of the page.

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    Wealth-Lab customers who can't see "Attachments" - please visit Support section at wealth-lab.com.
  • Provider is abandoned by its author and unsupported by MS123
  • The code is not open source.

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