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public SVEHLZZperc(Bars bars, double priceChange, int atrPeriod, double atrFactor, TASCIndicators.SVEHLZZperc_Type type, string description) public static SVEHLZZperc Series(Bars bars, double priceChange, int atrPeriod, double atrFactor, TASCIndicators.SVEHLZZperc_Type type)

Parameter Description

barsThe Bars object
priceChangePercent price change
atrPeriodATR Lookback period
atrFactorATR Factor
typeType of indicator calculation: Percent, ATR, Combined Percent+ATR, Point


This zigzag indicator is supporting to Sylvain Vervoort's Traders' Tips article series (Stocks & Commodities magazine). The zigzag indicator from June 2013 issue of Stocks & Commodities magazine is a trailing reverse indicator that is based on a percent price change between high and low prices, or uses an ATR volatility factor, or both of them combined.

As a later addition, starting from v2019.02 of TASCIndicators we've added a new type: SVEHLZZperc_Type.Point. In this mode, the priceChange parameter accepts a value of the price change expressed in points (or ticks) as opposed to percent/ATR-based change in the other modes.


Please refer to: The 1-2-3 Wave Count (Vervoort).

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