VMACDH - Volume-Weighted MACD Histogram

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public VMACDH(Bars bars, int shortPeriod, int longPeriod, int signalPeriod, string description)
public static VMACDH Series(Bars bars, int shortPeriod, int longPeriod, int signalPeriod)

Parameter Description

Bars The symbol's Bars object
shortPeriod The short ema period (should be less than the longPeriod)
longPeriod The long ema period (should be greater than the shortPeriod)
signalPeriod The period of the MACD signal line


The Volume-Weighted MACD Histogram is from the October 2009 issue of Stocks & Commodities magazine. The author, David Hawkins, presents a novel way to combine both volume and exponential weighting on a moving average and then extends it to the MACD histogram. He claims that it results in the MACD Histogram becoming a better leading indicator.


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