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public InverseFisherStoch(WealthLab.DataSeries ds, int stochPeriod, int smoothingPeriod, string description) public static InverseFisherStoch Series(WealthLab.DataSeries ds, int stochPeriod, int smoothingPeriod)

Parameter Description

ds DataSeries for the InverseFisherStoch calculation
rsiPeriod The stochastic period used in the InverseFisherStoch calculation.
smoothPeriod The stochastic smoothing period used in the InverseFisherStoch calculation.


InverseFisherStoch by Sylvain Vervoort from the December 2011 issue of Stocks & Commodities magazine. Mr. Vervoort suggests that the indicator is profitable on its own using the following rules, but that the analyst look for manual technical analysis “trading signals” from the combination of the P/C ratio indicators (PCRiFast and PCRiSlow), a stochastic oscillator (PCRiSlowIFT) and the InverseFisherStoch indicator.


See TASC 2011-12, Stoch IFT Strategy (Vervoot)