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This performance visualizer presents a combined view of strategy's Equity (or Net Profit) and its percent drawdown:


Equity and Drawdown curves are semi-transparent near initial values and get most saturated color at their extremes. In other words, the red gets darker as the drawdown deepens, the green gets darker as the profit is higher.

Click on "Cash" to overlay the chart with portfolio's Cash (in Equity mode only). To switch between Equity and Net Profit views, click on "Equity > NetProfit" in the menu bar. It's also possible to switch between traditional linear and log scale. Find out more at the Motley Fool site: Log Charts vs. Linear Charts. Additionally, chart can display the linear regression line of equity or net profit.

Known issues

  • Y-Axis uneven numbers (deferred) - workaround: switch to log and back to linear
  • YAxis rescaling bug after switching back from log to linear scale
  • Exception: run any simulation, select Equity+, switch to "Net Profit", and then switch to "Log".

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