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Closed Equity

This Performance Visualizer implements a closed equity view.


Closed equity is strategy equity based on closed positions only, depending on mode:

  • In Raw Profit mode, it's just a summation of closed P&L over time;
  • In Portfolio Simulation mode, it's based on starting capital.

Note: In the right-click context menu you can switch between traditional linear and log scale. Find out more at the Motley Fool site: Log Charts vs. Linear Charts.

Notes and limitations

  • Calculating closed equity can be very time consuming on large intraday backtests with thousands of positions. It's recommended to disable this visualizer if you're concerned about possible slowdown.
  • Bug: "Change scale" on a zoomed in chart will result in an unhandled exception (OverflowException) in the visualizer and a "red cross".
    • Workaround: Don't do it. If you did it accidentally, reopen the Strategy window.

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