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Tiingo Static Provider — 15.8%

[...] Install the extension and restart WLP/D Register a free account at Tiingo.com Verify it (click on link you get by email) Go to Your API token page and copy/paste it (no typing !!!) in the Data Manager's Tiingo tab Starting from version 2018.03 the provider no longer accepts username and password as this basic authentication proved to be unreliable. Provider tab in Data Manager Never perform On Demand data updates : Overrides Wealth-Lab's On demand update option so that backtests in the Strategy Window/Monitor always run quickly with cached data. Perform Dividend/Split [...]

WealthSignals Publisher — 15.8%

[...] website. Clicking “Refresh” will populate the dropdown list below with your existing accounts, allowing to link Strategies with WS accounts (read on below). These settings will apply to all Strategy windows that you open. "Flatten Alerts" combines the multiple orders into one. "Sync Exit Size" modifies the 'Synchronize Positions' behavior. See "Out of sync positions" below. "Auto-Place" globally enables automatic placement of signals. See dedicated section below. Note: to avoid potential errors, it's advised to keep from using the WealthSignals Setup dialog in multiple [...]

General | Activating Wealth-Lab Developer — 15.8%

[...] The Wizard will communicate the following details (typical) with the website server using a secure link. OS: Microsoft Windows NT 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 UTC: 2008-06-11T15:49:48.5625000Z Command Line: "C:\Program Files\MS123\Wealth-Lab Developer 6\WealthLabDev.exe" Product Name: Wealth-Lab Developer 6 Version: Auth Mode: FirstStart User Name: Dorothy Password: thisismypw In most cases, your trial period will have just begun. If an error occurs, (e.g., "Incorrect username or password"), you can return to previous page to verify the data and try again. [...]

FAQ | Strategies and WealthScript — 10.5%

[...] very good, simple and comprehensible free e-book is C# Yellow Book by Rob Miles (PDF, direct download link: 2014 Edition , 2015 Edition , 2016 Edition ). There are great many free .NET and C# resources on the web as well. Use a search phrase like "Free online C Sharp Books" when googling, or here's just a handful assorted links: dotnetperls.com C# Practical Learning C# Tutorial 1 C# Tutorial 2 C# Tutorial 3 In addition, don't forget that Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Express , Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Community and SharpDevelop IDEs are free. Finally, the WealthScript [...]

Database static and streaming provider — 5.3%

[...] "bitness". 64-bit Wealth-Lab can't use 32-bit ODBC drivers, and vice versa. For 64-bit drivers, visit this link: Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable [...]

Quandl provider suite — 5.3%

[...] example, you wanted to get access to Crude Oil futures continuous contract and found it by the following link: https://www.quandl.com/ CHRIS/ICE_B1 -ICE-Brent-Crude-Oil-Futures-Continuous-Contract-1-B1-Front-Month [...]

FAQ | General — 5.3%

[...] the free WealthScript Translator (WSTL) tool: Download WealthScript Translator (alternative download link ). Documentation Is there a documentation [...]

Errors | General — 5.3%

[...] General troubleshooting procedure: Please create a support ticket . Reproduce the error If there's a link like "What data does this error report contain?", [...]

Excel static provider — 5.3%

[...] proprietary formula by the Commodity Research Bureau, available as .XLS spreadsheet ( direct download link ) Outstanding shares of ETFs - look for "NAV [...]

Errors | Extensions, Other errors — 5.3%

[...] displayed Problems: You are unable to start the WealthScript QuickRef from the Help menu, F11 or the link in the Strategy Editor window. (Also applies [...]

FAQ | Data and Data Providers — 5.3%

[...] Symlinks in Windows for Fun and Profit (command line interface) Complete Guide to Symbolic Links ("Link Shell Extension", GUI, easier) Configure [...]

Extensions HowTo — 5.3%

[...] A wle file is an encrypted bootstrapper file that contains an extension's details and its download link. To actually install an extension, load its [...]

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