QuoteMedia daily data provider

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What it is

This is a suite comprised of static, streaming and fundamental providers for Wealth-Lab for free daily data by QuoteMedia. It's possible to download the data for U.S. and overseas stocks, indexes, funds, futures, options, Forex, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin = $BTCUSD) and more. Historical data requests return up to 50 years. For QuoteMedia symbology and symbol lookup, please visit these pages:

Supports Market Manager.

Splits and Dividends

Starting from v2020.03, provider returns split- and dividend-adjusted data by default which you can unadjust on-the-fly using the new Data Manager tab:

Data Manager tab

Data Manager tab

Splits and dividends are also available for plotting on the chart and accessing via standard WealthScript methods:

Data Manager tab

Data Manager tab

Keep in mind that to maintain your data in good shape after a split or dividend occurs in one of your the stocks in your DataSet, do the following:

Also from version 2020.03 and up, returns the unadjusted OHLC as NamedSeries:
var unadjOpen = Bars.FindNamedSeries("UnadjustedOpen");
var unadjHigh = Bars.FindNamedSeries("UnadjustedHigh");
var unadjLow = Bars.FindNamedSeries("UnadjustedLow");
var unadjClose = Bars.FindNamedSeries("UnadjustedClose");
var p = CreatePane(30, true, true);
PlotSyntheticSymbol(p, Bars.Symbol, unadjOpen, unadjHigh, unadjLow, unadjClose, Bars.Volume, Color.Green, Color.Red);

Options (and other symbols with spaces)

Known issues