Irwin Cycle

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public IrwinCycle( Bars bars, DataSeries ds, int period, string description)
public static IrwinCycle Series(Bars bars, DataSeries ds, int period)

Parameter Description

Bars A Bars object
ds Data series the indicator is based on
period Indicator lookback period


Here goes the original description:

I dubbed this indicator the Irwin Cycle - as a namesake. I've got no idea who Bill Irwin is, but give credit where credit is due.

The source website referred to it as the "Cycle Indicator", which is overly generic. Additionally, it classifies the indicator as a Double Smoothed Stochastic (DSS) - which is no strictly correct. It does bear some resemblence to a DSS (William Blau) but it is normalised. It looks more like Bresserts version.

With a shorter period (say 15) it does a good job of identifying "cycles" (peaks and troughs) with minimal apparent lag. With a longer period (say 250) it does a reasonable job of identifying the prevailing trend.



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