Priority Adjustment

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This PosSizer lets you adjust the percentage of equity in relation to priority magnitude.

By default, Wealth-Lab assigns a random double value, ranging from 0 to 1, as a position's priority. It's possible to assign a custom priority value to a Position in Strategy code via the Position.Priority property. This easily allows to control the position sizing for the various signals.

Example use cases

Setting up

On this example, only trades with random assigned priorities ranging between 0.4-0.49 and 0.7-0.79 are taken, as shown by the Trades+ visualizer in the background. Although priorities from 0.8 to 1.0 are processed, these trades are sized to 0% per position so they aren't included).

The series of checkboxes define the number of active priority "groups" (bins). Unchecking them:

  1. allows to have any number of Priority groups from 1 to 10,
  2. makes trades with such priorities assigned disappear.