Reuters News provider

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What it is

This fundamental provider downloads news items from Reuters news feed. The news items for up to 2 years back are available for any stock supported by the feed. This newsfeed's signal-to-noise ratio is very high.

Part of MS123 Extra Fundamental/News Providers.

Since the feed doesn't mark its news as "bearish", "bullish", "neutral" or whatever, each and any fundamental item simply has a neutral value of 1.0.

Each news record is timestamped with actual publication date and comes with only one detail: news title. News are accessible in two forms:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
using System.Drawing;
using WealthLab;
using WealthLab.Indicators;

namespace WealthLab.Strategies { public class MyStrategy : WealthScript { protected override void Execute() { // List Reuters news items for the symbol const char tab = '\u0009'; string item = "Reuters news"; IList<FundamentalItem> fList = FundamentalDataItems(item); ClearDebug(); PrintDebug(Bars.Symbol + tab + "Item Count: " + fList.Count); PrintDebug("Bar" + tab + "Date " + tab + "News"); foreach (FundamentalItem fi in fList) { PrintDebug(fi.Bar.ToString() + tab + fi.Date.ToShortDateString() + tab + fi.GetDetail("title")); } } } }