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Welcome to the Wealth-Lab Wiki!
The Wealth-Lab Wiki hosts a Knowledge Base for Wealth-Lab Version 6 (.NET) as well as expanded documentation for Wealth-Lab Standard Indicators and TASC Indicators.

Open Source Code!
This Wiki also serves as our Community portal for open-source Indicators, Components, and their documentation.

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Wealth-Lab News

March 2021

Wealth-Lab 7 HAS ARRIVED!

The best platform for creating, backtesting, optimizing and live trading mechanical trading systems

Check out the new features!

December 2018WealthSignals 2.0 goes live! For enhanced WealthSignals experience with more strategies, charting, faster signal response for authors, and loads of other new features, check out the new website WealthSignals.com!
January 2016Wealth-Lab Version 6.9 is released with the ability to backtest synthetic option contracts.

For more information about Wealth-Lab products, Community forums, and more, go to wealthlab.com now!