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TASC 2011-09 | Ermanometry For Intraday Traders (Coles)


Traders' Tip text

The code for time-based Ermanometry system is available for instant download from Wealth-Lab's "Open Strategy" dialog.


Figure 1. A Wealth-Lab Developer 6.2 chart showing the Ermanometry/Coles bar chart markup applied to a Daily chart. The Erman bars are red and the Coles series are blue.

Users should be aware that with methods without a rock solid starting point, it's an open question whether does automating line placement on the chart removes the subjectivity. And one thing's for sure: If you draw enough lines on a chart, some of them are bound to hit important turning points.

WealthScript Code (C#)

using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Text; using System.Drawing; using WealthLab; using WealthLab.Indicators;

namespace WealthLab.Strategies { public class Ermanometry : WealthScript { Font font = new Font("Wingdings", 8, FontStyle.Bold); Font font2 = new Font("Verdana", 7, FontStyle.Regular); string upArrow = Convert.ToChar(0x00E9).ToString(); string dnArrow = Convert.ToChar(0x00EA).ToString(); private StrategyParameter paramEF; private StrategyParameter paramDE; private StrategyParameter paramStartBar; public Ermanometry() { paramEF = CreateParameter("seed segment EF", 10, 1, 900, 1); paramDE = CreateParameter("seed segment DE", 10, 1, 900, 1); paramStartBar = CreateParameter("Start bar", 1, 1, 1440, 1); }

protected override void Execute() { int EF = paramEF.ValueInt; int DE = paramDE.ValueInt;

int Ratio=EF/DE; double Inverseratio = 1d/Ratio; double CD=DE*Inverseratio; double BC=CD*Inverseratio; double AB=BC*Inverseratio; double FG= EF*Ratio; double GH=FG*Ratio; double HI=GH*Ratio; double IJ=HI*Ratio;

double FH= Math.Sqrt(Math.Pow(FG,2)+Math.Pow(GH,2)); int x = 0; // bars since SetBarColors( Color.Silver,Color.Silver ); HideVolume();

int init = Math.Min(Bars.Count-1, paramStartBar.ValueInt); for(int bar = init; bar < Bars.Count; bar++) { x = bar - init; // Marking Ermanometry bars bool cond01 = (x==Math.Round(FH)); //Erman bool cond02 = (x==Math.Round(GH)); //Erman bool cond03 = (x==Math.Round(HI)); //Erman bool cond04 = (x==Math.Round(IJ)); //Erman bool cond05 = (x==Math.Round(DE+EF+CD)); //Erman bool cond06 = (x==Math.Round(GH+HI+IJ)); //Erman bool cond07 = (x==Math.Round(CD+DE+EF+FG+GH+HI)); //Erman bool cond08 = (x==Math.Round(EF+FG+GH)); //Erman bool cond09 = (x==Math.Round(CD+DE+EF+FG+GH)); //Erman bool cond10 = (x==Math.Round(CD+DE+EF+FG+GH+HI)); //Erman bool cond11 = (x==Math.Round(GH+IJ+CD+AB+EF)); //Erman if( cond01 || cond02 || cond03 || cond04 || cond05 || cond06 || cond07 || cond08 || cond09 || cond10 || cond11 ) { AnnotateBar(upArrow, bar, false, Color.Red, Color.Transparent, font); AnnotateBar( "E", bar, false, Color.Red, Color.Transparent, font2); SetBarColor( bar, Color.Red ); } cond01 = (x==Math.Round(FH+FG+GH)); //Coles cond02 = (x==Math.Round(AB+BC+CD+DE)); //Coles cond03 = (x==Math.Round(AB+BC+CD+DE+GH)); //Coles cond04 = (x==Math.Round(FG+GH)); //Coles cond05 = (x==Math.Round(GH+HI)); //Coles cond06 = (x==Math.Round(FG+BC+CD)); //Coles cond07 = (x==Math.Round(FG+BC+CD+DE)); //Coles cond08 = (x==Math.Round(CD+BC)); //Coles cond09 = (x==Math.Round(DE+BC)); //Coles cond10 = (x==Math.Round(Math.Sqrt(Math.Pow(CD,2)+Math.Pow(DE,2))+CD+DE)); //Coles cond11 = (x==Math.Round(Math.Sqrt(Math.Pow(EF,2)+Math.Pow(FG,2))+EF+FG)); //Coles // Marking Coles bars if( cond01 || cond02 || cond03 || cond04 || cond05 || cond06 || cond07 || cond08 || cond09 || cond10 || cond11 ) { AnnotateBar(upArrow, bar, false, Color.Blue, Color.Transparent, font); AnnotateBar( "C", bar, false, Color.Blue, Color.Transparent, font2); SetBarColor( bar, Color.Blue ); } } } } }

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