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ShiftedMA: Indicator Documentation


DataSeries ShiftDelay( DataSeries ds, int delay )

Parameter Description

ds Any data series or indicator
delay Period to delay the data series/indicator i.e. offset to the right


The ShiftDelay Indicator delays any indicator by a period specified by user. It can be dragged and dropped on any plotted series or indicator.

The sole purpose of this indicator, suggested by Robert Sucher, is to easily create a delayed version of any indicator or data series already plotted on the chart. Just drag and drop the ShiftDelay indicator on a plotted indicator of your choice to have a copy of it shifted (to the right) in the same target Pane.

See also: Tutorial Video | Indicators | Combining Indicators on Charts.

In code-based Strategies, this is simply a matter of using the DataSeries offset (>> or <<, see DataSeries in the QuickRef). See also: ShiftedMA.


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