Multpl economic data provider

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What is it

This is a fundamental data provider for Wealth-Lab version 6 and up that downloads free economic data items from the Multpl web site. Part of MS123 Extra Fundamental/News Providers extension.


Economic (a.k.a. non-symbol fundamental) data downloads are available when you click "Update all data..." Economic items are global by nature and don't belong to a symbol. Make sure you've selected "Multpl economic data" from the list of installed providers in the Data Manager > "Update Data".

Available economic items

Supported are: S&P 500 Stats, Treasury Rates and US Economic Stats:

Fundamental items can be charted from the Fundamental Data dialog at any time by clicking the Fundamentals button in the Navigation or Function toolbars, from the Tools menu, a chart's right-click menu, or simply using the Ctrl+U shortcut.



Below you can find a screenshot of the provider at work:

Some of the available economic data items

Some of the available economic data items