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What it is

This tool integrates with Data Manager, allowing to perform certain operations on entire DataSets which would otherwise take certain effort:


Supported are static data providers that rely on Wealth-Lab to maintain their data in the local storage of .WL files. Only their DataSets will appear in the DataSets tree on the left and allow themselves to be processed.

Quotes pane


From this handy list you can take a quick peek at the market dynamics of the selected DataSet. The pane displays a table with the DateTime + OHLCV data for all symbols of the highlighted DataSet. For convenience, the table includes absolute and percentage change from the previous bar for each instrument as well as if the symbol has hit a 52-week high/low today. The data is displayed with respect to the number of default decimal places specified in Wealth-Lab's Preferences dialog.

By default, the table is sorted in descending order on the Bars.Count column to instantly show symbols with zero bars. It's possible to sort it in either ascending or descending order by repeatedly clicking on any column.

Below the Quotes pane, there are three tabs which group the actions you can perform on DataSets using the Data Tool:

Datasource Truncation


The following data truncation options apply to all symbols of highlighted DataSet:

Dead symbol removal


To clear highlighted DataSet from dead (inactive) symbols with 0 (zero) bars, click "Remove inactive". To additionally remove any symbols that stopped trading before some date, pick a date and enable the checkbox before clicking on "Remove inactive".


Note: Before making changes, close all Strategy windows using the DataSet you're removing inactive symbols from.

Data validity checker


To quickly verify a DataSet's integrity, click "Check data integrity" from the "Data checker" tab. The following errors are detected in historical data:

Due to the fact that some conditions like weekend bars are perfectly correct in some international markets, some options can be turned on or off.

Right click menu

Context menu features

Context menu features

The right click menu serves two purposes: