StockPup Fundamental Provider

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What it is

This is a Wealth-Lab provider that downloads free fundamental data by StockPup.

What's included

It's possible to download 36 historical fundamental items for select U.S. stocks from S&P 100 and beyond (see complete list). Here's the full list of items available under "StockPup Fundamental Data" in Wealth-Lab's Fundamentals window after installing the Extension and restarting WLP/D:

StockPup: subset of items available

StockPup: subset of items available

[sp] Shares, [sp] Shares split adjusted, [sp] Split factor, [sp] Assets, [sp] Liabilities, [sp] Shareholders equity, [sp] Non-controlling interest, [sp] Preferred equity, [sp] Goodwill & intangibles, [sp] Long-term debt, [sp] Revenue, [sp] Earnings, [sp] Earnings available for common stockholders, [sp] EPS basic, [sp] EPS diluted, [sp] Dividend per share, [sp] Cash from operating activities, [sp] Cash from investing activities, [sp] Cash from financing activities, [sp] Cash change during period, [sp] Cash at end of period, [sp] Capital expenditures, [sp] ROE, [sp] ROA, [sp] Book value of equity per share, [sp] P/B ratio, [sp] P/E ratio, [sp] Cumulative dividends per share, [sp] Dividend payout ratio, [sp] Long-term debt to equity ratio, [sp] Equity to assets ratio, [sp] Net margin, [sp] Asset turnover, [sp] Free cash flow per share, [sp] Current assets, [sp] Current liabilities, [sp] Current ratio

How to use

Fundamental data downloads are available when you click "Update all data..." (and have at least one data provider selected from the list of installed provider) or when "Update DataSet" is selected.

Note: Fundamental items aren't collected when "Update DataSet (Pricing)" is selected.

StockPupfundamental: sample items