Trade Graphs | Drilldown (skipped trades)

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At the bottom of the Trade and Trades+ tabs, Wealth-Lab indicates the number of trades not taken due to insufficient capital. Good to know that but since it's fixed it doesn't give you an idea when exactly those trades were skipped. This graph helps evaluate the impact of missed trades on system's equity curve.

Trades actually taken, missed opportunities and the number of candidate trades are plotted on a stack bar chart where each bar corresponds to a date when your system had either an entry candidate (blue), a taken trade (red), a missed trade (brown - in negative numbers) or anything at the same time.

Drilldown view

Drilldown view

Looking at the chart above, for example, you can discover that they corresponded to significant drawdowns in Equity or Cash curves, indicating missing opportunities due to your position sizing.

The chart is zoomable: click and drag to zoom in. To unzoom click on the little circle icon in the bottom left part of the chart.