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public IPOData

public DateTime Date; public string Symbol; public string CompanyName; public string Underwriter; public double OfferPrice;

public IPODataList

public void IPODataList.Serialize() public static void IPODataList.DeSerialize() public void IPODataList.BuildIPOList(int year) public IPOData FindSymbol(string symbol)

Parameter Description

yearStarting year for building the IPO database. Can't be earlier than 2000 (no data available).
symbolAny valid U.S. stock symbol


Builds an IPO database using 123jump.com as the data source. Call BuildIPOList with a year (from 2000) to build the IPO database, then call Serialize to permanently cache the data in an XML file in Wealth-Lab's AppData directory. On the first call, there's a slight delay while IPO data is downloaded from the data feed. Subsequent calls are instant provided that a cache exists (see below).

An instance of the IPOData class contains the following properties for U.S. IPOs: symbol, company name, underwriter, offer date, and offer price. Before calling the FindSymbol method with a stock symbol to return an instance of IPOData, call DeSerialize to avoid delays caused by refreshing the data from the internet.


From Wealth-Lab's "Open Strategy" dialog (hit Ctrl-O), click "Download" to download all available Strategies. Open the "IPO Buy Strategy [Rev.A]".